First Half of 2014

I won first prize for the Northside in this year’s Neighborhood Film Project with Easter in the Park with Ernie. This will be my final year participating. I had a great run and even Lebron couldn’t threepeat, so, in a way I’m better than Lebron, right? I’ve had fun making these short films and being in this contest really gave me the focus to step up my game. Thanks so much to San Antonio’s Department for Culture and Creative Development for the opportunities.



All of San Antonio is enjoying the Spur’s championship summer. This city doesn’t realize how lucky it is. If you are a San Antonio teenager, you don’t even remember when the Spurs weren’t amazingly good.


Anyway, enjoyed this team and enjoyed watching some of the playoff games with old friends and with my father.

20140529_202842 20140316_170408

Designed the graphics for the Maverick Music Festival.

11x17 Maverick Festival Poster 11 for LITE

I saw Phil Collins at the Alamo.


Participated in a show in Mexico City at Three Walls at Centro Cultural Border. Much thanks to curator Michele Monseau… I’m a traditionalist in the sense that I believe that fine art is first and foremost visual and this show gave my eyeballs their fill, so perfect for DF and its baroque-to-postmodern maximalism.


Also, If I hadn’t said it earlier, it’s our plan to live somewhere else for at least half the year.

P1030021 P1020828

Wish I had remembered to take pics BEFORE we ate the food…



I got a chance to design the poster for Booker T when they played the Empire Theatre in San Antonio this April. I was able to take my dad, who loves soul and R&B to the show. Good times.

12x18 Booker T Print 1-01

Fun Machine reunited for two shows this March. I got the drum set back in playing condition and after lots of editing to the song list, we were playing at Hi-Tones and El Sapo in Austin during SXSW thanks to organizers Orlando Torres and Mike Thomas.


From the band we opened for,  the very talented Eros and Eschaton summed up our experience going into this

“The first band, formerly Fun Machine (hey, we know all about cease and desists!), now AM Transistor Ghost, open the night. Orlando tells us how they used to be a band 16 years ago, went their separate ways, and reunited to play this show, practicing for 6 hours just that morning after their Moog came out of the shop. They were awesome.


Ill fated? I guess. Shaky performances? Well, I hope no one knew the difference. Better if I hadn’t done it? In retrospect, probably. But it did one thing at least. I won’t be thinking to myself “it’s too back we can’t get the band back together” when I hear a drum part I’d like to play. What I really want is to be where I was 15 years ago. Time has passed and things aren’t the same. This is both sad and freeing. I’ll put my dream of rock and roll drumming down, along side comic book artist (8th grade), lawyer (junior in college) and fine artist (three years ago).

Want to buy a gold sparkly drum set?


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  1. No way, you guys were amazing and you should definitely not stop drumming!

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