Second Half of 2013

I feel the the second half of 2013 went on until about a couple of weeks ago. The actual second half of 2013 meant a newer, better car, newer, better job and trying to get a newer, better home. The house only happened in the middle of February, when we finally sold our house in Lavaca and our move into our new home and I couldn’t be happier about the all the upgrades.

The process of selling the house was more grueling that I had ever imagined. We were under contract FOUR different times. As we were going the up and down the rollercoaster of “we’re outta here!” to “will we ever get outta here?” there were things that were making our time there…uhh…challenging? Crazy neighbor. Possum home invasion. Bitterly cold winter. But, all’s well that ends well. We love our new home, it’s got a back casita that I’ve set up to be my design lab and music studio. The only sound we hear in the morning is the chirping of birds. Whatever struggle that we went through on the homefront, it’s made us that much more grateful for what we have now. Also the woman who owned this house left a fully stocked wine fridge with vino over twenty years old. May God bless your soul, Josephina. Your spirit is keeping watch over this special house and we’ll do our best to take care of it.

Fall semester was light on the visuals, but deep on the heavy thinking. Corporate Marketing was about as tepid as it gets, but I wound up really getting into my Postmodernism class and working out my brain in a way that I hadn’t in over twenty years. It was a class in which our assignments were essays, so not much to look at, except our last project, where I got to use parts of the essays that I had written throughout the semester and some of my clip art collection.

Creatively, I’ve been writing scripts for an animated show that I’m going to pitch in 2014. It’s been equal parts creativity and mechanics. New show ideas along with actually learning how to write a script. It’s based on the Ernie and Patsy characters I’ve been playing with and uses the family sitcom format. There’s been a dialogue between the mechanics of building sets and a narrative and the ideas that come out of this process. All a complicated way of saying that when I place them in the living room I built from scratch, I start getting ideas of what they are going to do and say. I could fill this post with screen captures of what I’ve been developing, but I’m trying to save it until it’s ready to go… Hopefully by next post I’ll have two (three?) short films. Here’s the rough draft of the opening credits:



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