First Half of 2013

This post is going to divided up personal/grad school/work work.

I was honored to be selected as first place for the West Side category as well as Best of Show for the San Antonio Dept of Culture and Creative Development’s Neighborhood Film Project.

Why all the animation in the past couple of years? It’s not that I think I’m a great animator – I know my stuff is very DIY. It allows me to engage in media in ways that I can’t with painting. I don’t need to reference popular culture from the sidelines. I can, in a very small way, be a part of popular culture. Also, I can distribute online instead and have more exposure.  Why not live action? Fine art has spoiled me to the extent that I want to call the shots and decide what suggestion I use and which I don’t. Because live action requires so many people to complete – actors, producers, assistants, lighting people, sound people –  compromise is necessary and I don’t have the clout to be an auteur. Also, animation is free. Even painting in your garage costs money in materials. (Side note: when I do paint and make a mistake, by first instinct is to hit command-Z. Which is fine, except there is no command-Z in real life…)

School is going great. Two more down this past semester. Here’s a process book I did to document the work for one of the classes.

And these are the spring shows I did the graphics for that opened at the Witte :



And, of course, the Dinos….


Once again, thanks to my wife. Without her I could not have done all this. I should give her screenwriting credits for everything I do but doesn’t have the chiflada gene and wants no part of it. And I love her for that too…


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