The Second Half of 2012

The second half of 2012 was really busy. Aside from the two animated shorts I had previously posted, I began working towards my Masters in Communication Design this past fall. The twice weekly trips to San Marcos have been tough, but when I’m in class I know that this is the place I need to be for the next stage.

I’m not going to post pics of my homework. However, one of the most surprising and gratifying parts of my classes this fall has been the amount of drawing I’ve been doing. Not observational drawing, which I’ve always been pretty good at, but drawing from imagination for thumbnails and roughs. I never felt better about getting an idea out with images that I have through these classes, even when I was taking those semesters of drawing and painting in college. These are just some thumbnails and roughs that went towards the final product and, since I always find sketchbooks more interesting than finished paintings, I posted a bunch.

P1010517 mod

P1010631 mos

P1010632 mod

P1010564 mod

P1010532 mod


P1010573 mod

P1010580 mod


Because I was fully engaged in school, I had to turn down a lot of other opportunities, both social and professional. One that I couldn’t help but take was Public Art San Antonio’s X Marks the Art. I used cut vinyl to produce this piece about the history of San Antonio. It took a lot of research to tease out some interesting facts and quotes that I thought would look good and be interesting to the tourist as well as the local San Antonian.














Work at the museum continues, with back-to-back-to-back shows. Here’s some pics for a couple of them.





I finally made Art News. But as a graphic artist for this ad, which I thought was a good symbol for my new professional direction from fine to graphic. Most of these art magazine ads have their own syntax. Very restrained and not at all like ads in other magazines.

P1010475 mod

It was the new year and wanted to do a 2013 movie. Just 30 seconds, I’m hoping it’s one of many.

The end of the year saw the completion of our first year of marriage. It’s been great and I look forward to many more years of love, friendship and laughs with my wife. It was great to take some time off and enjoy each other after both of us being so busy. And the tangerines from the tree in the backyard were plentiful and sweet.



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