Summer of Meaningful Distractions

This has been the summer of meaningful distractions. I don’t think there was a project that I didn’t at least consider applying for. I know that I won’t get this time when graduate school begins this fall, so I’ve done my best to try new things and challenge myself with things that I probably won’t get the time for in the fall. It’s felt like one chapter closing with another one soon to begin.

Two weekends ago I participated in South Texas Underground Film‘s 72 film project. A short film based on a random drawing of a genre and a loteria card. So I made a coming-of-age movie based on #22 La Bota. I was very proud of the result. I’ll probably collect these shorts I’ve been making and shop them around at some point.

I work on a short film remake project. The deadline was pushed a couple of weeks, so I’ll be refining in a little more. It is a new take on one of my favorite comedies of all time. It will probably be in the next post. Here’s one of the backgrounds I’ve been processing in Photoshop:

I participated in the SA Film Festival, where I screened Ernie Takes the Long Way Through the South Side and I ❤ SA through a special presentation of all the finalists of the Texas Monthly Where I’m From contest from last year. A nice mention of the screening in the San Antonio Current.

My sister and her family left to live in California a week after we returned from Mexico, leaving us fairly heartbroken. We miss her so much and hopes that she returns soon.

Later in July, my wife and I spent a week in Mexico. Amazing, awesome, perspective-changing, as always.

Last Mexico trip, I wrote blogs. This trip I made a magazine.

And a short movie.

In July I participated in artslamsa‘s Bring On the Bad Guys event. It was live painting. I’ve never done anything like it before. The crowd was nerdy,  young and very helpful. Nothing like the cynical, suspicious folks of my generation. Still not sure if their good-natured optimism will start the revolution, but that’s just my generation’s cynical, suspicious nature coming out. The theme was bad guys, so I painted a Dr. Doom, Boris and Natasha, Cheetah from Superfriends and three roaches from the old Raid commercials. I had to stop when the sun went down. I thought there would be enough light, but there wasn’t. Luckily I work quickly and even at 80% completion, they looked pretty good. (Though, not in this early photo.)

Thanks to Mary Cantu, I was asked to produce material last June for the Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee. It was a cause near to my heart, they were great to work with, I was please with the material and I hope to work with them again soon.

On June 8 the Main Plaza Conservancy‘s Cine Mundo presented a screening downtown of all the finalists for San Antonio Neighborhood Challenge 3.0. I was honored to be selected as Audience Choice winner. Thank you Main Plaza Conservancy.

During the Spurs playoff run Popovich was coming up with catchphrases every game. I made T-shirts out of one. There would have been more if we just made it to the Finals…

It looks like the tangerines will be plentiful when they ripen. Last year they began ripening around the time of my wedding, so I think that tangerine jams, cocktails and maybe some way-out glazes or sauces might be the theme of the anniversary/Christmas party in a few month.


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