Springing Along

Busy busy.

On April 21st I was awarded top honors for the Video Jam. (The first of the CAM events that got rescheduled because of rain.)

I was invited to participate in a show in Dallas called Active-8 that featured artists all over Texas. I went up to Dallas on April 28th with my wife. It was great to meet other artists that were thinking along the same lines across the state that would normally never meet each other. I showed some found photos and an iteration of my evolving art video.

Here is the group of artists in the show. All worth Google-ing.

Luminaria finally happened on May 5th. I was situated next to the Magic Theater, where I projected a video in ten parts. I scaled these quick, fun animations for the attention span of the viewers and it was great to see people stick around for the entire cycle. I would be very pleased when a group would pass by and a word or image would capture the attention of one of them and they’d get hooked and make the others stop and they’d get hooked, too. What went over best, though, was the animation based on the illustrations of my personal hero Jose Guadalupe Posada set to the music of Mexican favorite Jose Alfredo Jimenez, specifically El Rey, which is the My Way of Mexico. People were dancing, yelling, making videos of the video.

Some dancing going on here:

I had given a presentation at the first PechaKucha and was glad to design the graphics for this upcoming PechaKucha on the 24th. I put together a few Japanese robot models from kits, so the instruction that I got from those became my inspiration.

I was invited to be a part of show that happened last Saturday, DuChampions of the ReadyMade at LoneStar Studios. Found art? Yes indeedy. I selected a collection of clowns that I had found at a thriftstore about 15 years ago. They were made by middle schoolers, I’d guess in the 70s. Each compelling in their own way.

Also an assortment of small sculptures that were a meditation on a couple of the seven deadly sins channelled through a Pop Surrealism.

And I found out last Friday that I’ve been accepted to grad school at Texas State University. My formal training in my chosen field (really what I feel is my calling) has been limited to just a handful of classes at San Antonio College, so I’m thrilled to being learning more my craft and being around other designers.

Coming up: NOTHING. I’ve been going full blast for the past two years. I’m going to take a break, recharge and enjoy some time with my awesome wife. And watch Spurs games with some other basketball experts. GO SPURS GO.


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